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Our Achievements

With hard work comes great rewards. Over the years, the Kinetic Knights have accomplished many of their goals. One of Team 781's proudest achievements was winning the first-ever Canadian Regional in 2002 and continuing on to the Championship Event held in Florida.


It took the team 10 years, but in 2011 the Kinetic Knights won our second regional (Greater Toronto West). We advanced on to the World Championships again, this time held in St. Louis, Missouri. We were placed in the Archimedes Division and won with the help of our alliance members: Team 2016, Mighty Monkey Wrenches and Team 177, Bobcat Robotics. Continuing on to the Einstein field was a big deal for the team, and it was a major achievement on its own. After a few triumphs and a few losses, the Kinetic Knights walked away from our second appearance at the World Championships with the title of Second in the World.


A year later, in 2012, the Kinetic Knights once again proved there was something special happening in the little town of Kincardine. Along with team member Janelle Taylor winning the Dean's List Finalist award in Waterloo, the Kinetic Knights went from being the "underdog" alliance all the way to becoming the winners at the inaugural Queen City Regional in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the championship, Team 781 landed itself in the 4th seeded position out of 100 teams in the Archimedes division, the highest our team has ever seeded at the World Championships.


In the 2013 season, Team 781 won its first ever Regional Chairman's award at the Greater Toronto Regional East. This award is given to a team that best represents a model team for other teams to follow in their quest of changing the culture that aspires around science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This year, the Kinetic Knights also released their first ever business plan, which won the Entrepreneurship award at the Waterloo Regional and at the Buckeye Regional in Cleveland, Ohio. Our beloved mentor, Bill Jackson, also won the Woodie Flowers award. Team 781 travelled to the World Championship for the third year in a row, making their community proud.

In January 2014, Team 781 became the first ever FRC to be recognized as a registered charity under the Canada Revenue Agency. In the 2014 competition season, the Team won their second Regional Chairman's award, when the award was presented, their video has shown to a stadium of over two thousand people. For the first time all competition, the room went completely silent, as the video played. In that season, Team 781 set a new standard for Chairman's video, when they went completely outside of the box, with their draw my life style video. This video can be found on the team's YouTube channel. At the Greater Toronto Regional East, Darby Watterworth became the second Kinetic Knight to have won the Dean's List Finalist award.

On August 6, 2014, members of Team 781 went in front of the Kincardine Council to make a special proposal: to make Kincardine into the fourth FIRST community in the world. Team 781 recognizes Kincardine as a FIRST Community for the town's support of the growth of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the youth. This proposal was welcomed with open arms, and the town has been a FIRST community ever since. A member of the Kinetic Knights designed a sign to be placed below the "Welcome to Kincardine" sign, when entering the town's premises.

In the 2015 season, the Kinetic Knights named their robot "LC" after their beloved mentor, Lewis Cavasotto, who passed away. Team 781 attended the Greater Toronto Regional East, in Oshawa. Their wonderful mentor, Pat O'Cain, won the Woodie Flowers Award, presented by Woodie Flowers himself! The team also won the Gracious Professionalism award, which is an award decided by other teams.

As the Kinetic Knights continue their journey onwards, they continue to live by their motto: "Setting your potential in motion".  

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