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About The team

Team 781, the  Kinetic Knights is a  FIRST  Robotics Competition (FRC) team run by students and mentors based in Kincardine, Ontario. The team was formed during the 2001-2002 season with generous help from Bruce Power and Power Workers' Union Training Inc.

Mission Statement​

Our mission, like the mission of  FIRST, is not to create award-winning robots but like our motto says,  “set your potential in motion.”   Team 781 is a place for students with a passion to flourish. Regardless of the passion, Team 781 strives to accommodate interests of all types. This FRC program allows students to apply skills learned in the classroom while sparking an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The team also provides an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in business, arts and media to gain practical experience. 


Team 781 is a community youth robotics organization open to students aged 13-19 in Kincardine. The size of our team fluctuates, our peak was a team with 40-50 students.  Currently, the team is sitting at roughly 15-20 students.  Although the small size makes certain aspects difficult, our team is dedicated to the cause and our small size doesn't stop us.

The main part of a robotics team is to build a robot and compete with it; however, we promote ourselves as a team that anyone with any skill sets can be a part of. Our team is split into two general sections: admin and build. Within each section, we have different branches, each led by a different student.


On the first Saturday of every January, the Kinetic Knights gather for Kick-Off. There we all gather to watch the live stream  FIRST  puts out, which is also watched simultaneously by every other FRC team around the world. The Kick-Off marks the first day of Build Season because we learn through the live stream what the game challenge is for that year. After that, we spend hours of our lives for six weeks designing, building, and programming our robot. After the six weeks are up, we are no longer allowed to touch our robot until our first regional. However, we use that time to train students to drive and control the robot.


While some of the students are busy working on the robot, other students are working tirelessly on the organizational side of our team. We have students working on fundraising, planning community events, organizing hotels and bussing, writing essays for awards, making videos, and working on this website. Without these students working behind the scenes, our team would not be able to run as smoothly as it does.


The Kinetic Knights were founded in December of 2001 when former Bruce Power mentor Bev Fry received a letter, called Kincardine District Secondary School, and asked if the school would be interested in having a robotics team. Since then our team has expanded beyond our school and is now a community team, allowing students from outside of the school to join.  Being a team separate from the school allows students who are homeschooled or from neighbouring communities to join and set their potential in motion. 


In 2005, the team became mentors for the local  FIRST  LEGO League (FLL) teams. We went to elementary schools within a 20-km radius to assist children aged 9 to 14 with various jobs like building, designing, and programming robots built out of LEGO bricks. Many of those elementary students who participated in FLL later became members of Team 781. In 2010, when we faced the threat of losing the FLL program in Kincardine because of a lack of volunteers and mentors, the Kinetic Knights reacted by going forward with a more hands-on role. Kinetic Knights students organized presentations at elementary schools to recruit students and to inform parents about all the benefits their children would get out of this program. We also have students at every FLL meeting acting as mentors and volunteers. The Kinetic Knights and our FLL mentorship program were even featured in  FIRST's  January 2013 Newsletter as an example of great collaboration between the FRC and FLL programs.


After leaving the school, the knights had to find somewhere to set up shop.  Space at the Lake Huron Learning Centre was graciously donated to the team, allowing for a space to build, hold meetings and other events. However, due to a change in ownership of the building in early 2018, the team had to find a new space. This caused a few bumps and wasn't an easy transition for the knights, however, we persevered and managed to find and move into our new space before the 2019 build season 


As each year passes, the Kinetic Knights continue to improve not just on the build side but also on the administrative side with regards to team organization, donor relations and community relationships. Our goal is to be recognized as an all-around great robotics team that creates role models for other youth in our community as well as for other robotics teams.

In the future, we hope to continue building highly competitive robots as well as spread  FIRST  to other neighbouring communities.

We hope to continue to set our potentials in motion 

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