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Frequently Asked Questions



Being in Kincardine, are you part of the school?

While our history does state that we have our origins at Kincardine District Secondary School, we've since parted ways from them as of 2013. This was mostly in response to our schedule and how we planned events and build sessions. 

Are you a BattleBots team?

As much as we'd love to try our hand at BattleBots, our team does not construct robots around this game. We are a FIRST Robotics team - an organisation of mentors and high school students building a robot under six weeks to compete at competitions. Every year they release a trailer, the mentors and students try and orient their robot around the gameplay shown.  

Can I join the team / sign someone up for the team?

Yes! We have a team application page on this website, actually. 

Do you have a build space? Where is it located?

Yes. Our build space is located in Kincardine, Ontario on 330 Lampton St. We used to be housed at the Lake Huron Learning Centre, but due to complications with changing business directions, we have since stationed ourselves elsewhere.

Will you be at __________ ?

Any competition or event that is coming up that we will be attending is listed on our Upcoming Events page. So if you don't know where we'll be at, best bet is to check that page because that's where we'll post our whereabouts.
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